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PCB assembling through hole/SMD

Our PCB electronic assembly department is of the highest standard and has highly experienced specialists in through hole assembly.

In order to ensure all products are of premium quality all components are placed under anti-static conditions.

We offer a wide variety of production ranges including quick turnaround prototypes to full production runs that may be supplied to the customer on a scheduled order. Our electronic assembly team is highly adaptable and will try and accommodate every client request.

In fact, the department has recently moved to larger premises giving us more production scope. As a result we can now handle much larger orders with improved turnaround times.

We pride ourselves in having the highest possible standard of production which is maintained through our strict quality control procedures, meaning we offer our clients a premium product that matches our excellent service. These quality controls are ensured through constant testing and monitoring of our operation. We also offer a certification of the completed and tested product on request.

Our electronic assembly team can accommodate any type of printed circuit boards. We combine expertise and amazing attention to detail in order to meet every requirement.

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