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Electromechanical Assembly

Thraiking has years of experience in electronic printed circuit board assembly as well as mechanical and box-build assembly. Our capabilities range from complex flex circuit to multiple printed circuit board assemblies in large enclosures.

We can build your electronic assembly, integrate it into your final product configuration, complete a full series of Functional tests, and provide a fully assembled/certified unit ready to ship to your customer or distributor.

We build test equipment and assembly fixtures in house for all products. This helps us to custom-build as well as test electro-mechanical assemblies at low cost and within short turnarounds. From Elevator COPs LOPs to AC panel assemblies used in Bus airconditioning, every product is completely tested prior to delivery.

We have multiple CMMs and mistake-proof test fixtures to check our assemblies. Assemblies are available with all necessary documentation like component information, schematics, and maintenance schedules.

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